The Mexican Tourism Board has developed different sites and applications to let you know more about México.

Our platform emerged as a strategic digital component to promote tourism to Mexico in late 2000, with the aim of promoting the attractions that exist in the Mexican republic of different types of tourism. There you can find a wealth of activities and attractions in the country. VisitMexico has evolved to remain competitive in an environment that becomes more important every day in the professional and recreational life of the people.

:: Mission

Promote comprehensive and competitively Mexico, with its products and destinations, in the national and international markets, by supporting a comprehensive digital platform joint efforts among all stakeholders in the tourism industry.

:: Vision

Improve the image of Mexico, by spreading the knowledege for its benefits through online channels. Staying in constant innovation to stay competitive and offer the user the best possible experience during their visit to the site and its digital channels. Promote an increase in visitors and energize the economy of the different destinations in the country through online dissemination of tourism information about the country.

Currently VisitMexico constitues a platform that covers various digital media outlets and it is available in eight languages, with its biggest core in English and Spanish.

The official website of Mexican Tourism Board. This provides useful information for the travelers interested in visiting our country.

The Visitmexico platform has an structure of several components in different on-line media:

  • Web Portal:
  • Specialty Site
    • Meetings
    • Romance
    • Magical Towns
    • Health Tourism
    • Adventure
  • Social Networking: Facebook and Twitter among other
  • Mobile Presence
  • Applications (Apps)
  • Digital magazines
  • Reservations engine


:: Contact

Lic. Ina Alethea Andrews Flores
Director of Personalized Marketing and Internet
Phone: 52784200 ext. 1001


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