Cooperative Programs

The Mexico Tourism Board has established a strategy and cooperative advertising program that allow for the participation of various stakeholders in the tourism sector: the states, destinations, airlines, hotel chains, tour operators, convention bureaus and other private industry partners.

:: General Objectives

· Stimulate the intention to travel in Mexico and to Mexico, promoting the excelent ange of tourism products and services.

· Support the continued commercialization of tourism offerings through actions aimed at markets, segments, niches and profitable distribution channels.

· Apply a flexible approach that allows a quick adaptation to market conditions.

:: Strategy

Develop a comprehensive creative concept that allows building on Mexico's brand advertising and promotion of different destinations or segments.

Define a strategy that allows for:


· Integrate all states to the national and international campaign.

· Develop an advertising concept that supports each state within the umbrella of the MEXICO brand.

· Respect the personality developed throughout the years of each destination.

· Optimize resources, both the state's, and the Mexico Tourism Board


· Having a single communication strategy for the rest of the world, supported by points 2 and 3, that is able to encompass the essence of Mexico, as well as the different destinations and segments.


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