:: Campaign Objective

· Strengthen and consolidate the knowledge of Mexico's attractions and tourism services in Europe and stimulate the interest of traditional and potential visit demand and travel to our country.

· Position the ""Mexico"" brand gradually in terms of spontaneous ""top of mind"" and assisted ""share of mind"" recall, and increase the intention to travel to Mexico.

· Extend the tourist seasons and stays in the country as Mexico tourism has been positioned as a multi-destination and multi-product.

· Promote Mexico, with its products and destinations, in secondary and emerging European markets, taking advantage of the trends that the travel industry has shown in recent years.

· The institutional campaign has strengthened and reinforced the positioning of the Mexico brand, providing visibility and impact through differentiating and innovative means, in addition to its wide coverage.

:: Campaign Strategy

The communication strategy is focused on presenting the possibilities of Mexico in major European countries, as an interesting tourism alternative at a time when the European tourism demand has changed its travel focus to traditionally-visited destinations.

:: Targeted segments

The target of the campaign are men and women between 20 and 44 years old of high, middle-high and middle class with and income that exceed $50,000 per year.

Tourism products being promoted, according to the profiles and characteristics of European long distance travelers, are: sun and beach, culture, archeology and ecotourism.

Primary markets are Spain, Germany, France, Italy and the UK.

Secondary markets are Portugal, Belgium, Netherlands, Austria, Sweden, Switzerland.