Cooperative Programs in Latin America

Cooperative programs in Latin America seek to increase investment in campaigns through alliances with commercial partners capable of supporting institutional objectives by taking advantage of the commercial relations that they maintain with our country.

:: General Objective

Define and establish, jointly with the Destinations and Commercial Partners, the budgets that are set by the sum of the efforts of the various stakeholders who promote tourism to Mexico. The aim is to multiply the impact of the messages and promotional activities in the target markets, generating economies of scale and competitive advantages for all participants.

:: Strategy

  • The cooperative programs cover traditional and potential advertising spaces that lead to an increase in capacity to receive tourists.
  • Resources are invested during periods when results will give the greatest results for commercial partners in terms of cost-benefit ratio.
  • Encouraging the diversification of the traditional attractions of sea and sand in favor of the promotion of complementary options that extend stays and enrich the product.
  • Trade advertising will be undertaken and encouragement will be given to travel agents who offer Mexico as the ideal destination in their travel plans.