North Americ Market

:: Objectives of the campaign

  • Target: Men and Women, 35 to 65 years old, with an income of 75,000+ USD.
  • Create a strong emotional bond with the tourist.
  • Change the consumer’s intention to travel.
  • Change the perception of Mexico to:
    • The exotic and the diversity of attractions and experiences.
    • Mexico XXI Century – Innovation, Modernity, Eficience, Fashion, Luxury.
    • Value for the experience
    • Warmth

:: Creativity

  • The communication premise is that Mexico is a country rich in landscapes, cultural heritage, modernity, warmth and new experiences.
  • This premise is sustained by the diversity of experiences and feelings that Mexico has to offer.
  • Show to the consumer the variety of destinations that Mexico offers to the tourist through a synergy of traveling styles and adds in media as well as editorial content.

Mexico, The Place you Thought you Knew

Show the diversity and uniqueness of Mexico through and experience that will change the traveler.


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