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Tourism Industry Overview

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Tourism is one of the most important and dynamic economic sectors in the world today, both for its level of investment, job creation and earnings potential, and for its contribution to regional development. It accounts for some 9 percent of the gross world product and generates one of every eleven jobs. the World Tourism Organization estimates that by 2030, 1, 800 million tourists will be traveling the world.

Tourism’s importance to the Mexican economy is unquestionable. Its benefits are reflected not only as an industry that generates employment and spurs regional development, but also because of its role in spreading information about the country’s cultural and natural attractions.

Mexico offers a broad range of tourist attractions. These include the heritage of pre-Columbian civilizations and development of archaeological sites as symbols of national identity, the incomparable beauty of its beaches, the combination of vestiges of millenary cultures with major cities, extensive areas of natural beauty with historical elements that make them unique, and world-class tourism infrastructure.

Promotion of tourism plays an important role in maintaining and consolidating Mexico as a touristic world power by generating ever-increasing demand for the country’s destinations and attractions.

With information obtained from Banco de Mexico, we show bellow the results of the international tourist flow to the country during 2014 and the first month of 2015:




<<Browse the complete data of international travelers from the Bank of Mexico tally >> 

Last Updated: 31 de marzo de 2015


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